Would you like to know a bit about the builder himself? It is the most important part of choosing the right company for your building project. A company can have the slickest of advertising but who is the builder or supervisor? I’ve seen great company profiles but the main people behind the company were not builders but were nothing but sales reps using someone else’s license with that builder not supervising the building work at all. It pays to look up the list of registered builder’s on the Building Commission site.

Jay Wicks finished his plumbing apprenticeship in 1999, was a licensed gas fitter at the end of his apprenticeship and became a fully licensed plumber in 2001. Wicks Plumbing Pty Ltd was started in 2002 from our Beale Way, Rockingham office/workshop and employed up to eight staff doing varied residential maintenance, residential renovation, new homes, insurance work and commercial installations and plumbing throughout the Perth area.

Plumbers and electricians in Western Australia have an advantage when obtaining their building license because they have been involved in the build from the prelay to the final fit out, as opposed to a bricklayer for example who generally is only part of one section of the build. Unlike other states where houses are mostly timber construction throughout, carpenters in WA generally specialise in the internal fit out of doors and shelving or roof carpentry, they don’t generally do both so these trades are not recognised the same here when trying to obtain a building license. Part of your building license is proof of a certain amount work and supervising over several years,   Jay’s application was two thick piles of papers one to two inches thick.

Jay is hands on, you see him on the job site, not just a quick drive by but on site going over the work with the trades, keeping clients up to date and explaining many of the processes. When you are doing extension and renovation work most of the time your client is living there and can see your every move, your work is being scrutinised the entire time and trying to match materials from many years ago particularly bricks which are no longer in circulation can be a challenge, sometimes the original work is not the best, roof timbers have twisted over time or you can’t see a problem until certain areas have been partially demolished or opened up and now you have a new problem to solve.

This is what makes our type of work quite a challenge at times as opposed to building a new home with a clean slate. This is why you need to look at the builder himself, meet the builder, not just look at pretty pictures that simply may only be stock photos. Photos of our work aren’t necessarily pretty pictures but we are able to show the actual construction work and show how much is involved, we are showing the technical side which is what matters. The work we do is often avoided by many builders because it is the hard stuff, they concentrate on new homes and will only take on extension and addition work if it is of the higher end of the scale often 200k plus.

We can build new homes, extensions, renovations, granny flats so come to our office and meet us, have a discussion about our previous work and your proposed new work. We live in the area where we work, you may bump into us down the street, we are not just workers in a large company that may move on tomorrow, we are here in our own premises where we can be found and contacted.