Hi, I am going to start my first article or blog for Redback Building by introducing myself so you have some idea of who is behind these articles, advertising and marketing and who you will deal with if you contact our office in the future.

My name is Marianne and I’ve been in the building and construction industry for a very long time, since 1981. I started off in Sydney working in our small family business, my father was a carpenter with our main work being office partitioning, computer floors, fit outs, installing security doors, fly-screens and doors.

I started learning office skills in my teen years where I got to see how business finance, clients, tradesmen and suppliers were managed, you have to juggle it all and it gives you vast experience and understanding and reliance.

After moving to Western Australia, my first home was built by Collier Homes in 1986. Back then you didn’t get much in your house especially at the lower end of the market and loans were not very easy to get and were not very flexible. You got robe recesses with no shelf or hanging rod, no pantry shelving, not a single fly screen or fly-screen door, no towel rails etc, so all that had to be saved up for and done bit by bit, how times have changed. Every house I bought later I always renovated and I owner built a large house in 1994. Doing all this I found out what it costs and being a bookkeeper as well I would add up on paper every item I spent. I do that still.

In the mid 1990’s I started working in big construction offices in the Kwinana strip and a short time on Garden Island. In 2001 I started working for a small family run Rockingham building company, Cortway Constructions run by Ken and Kay Cull. The building company had been running since 1982, before that Ken Cull and his business partner Byran Howells had run a rather large plumbing company, Byran Howells started building company Murray River North in Pinjarra. Cortway Constructions built many houses, extensions, additions and commercial buildings in the local Rockingham area.

Ken and I did everything together in the business, I would accompany Ken most days at some stage looking over the work with him and running the jobs on the go. Not being stuck in the office gives you a real idea of what is going on out on the site, not many people in office administration gets this hands on experience. Ken is now in his 70’s and is retired, he comes to visit our office on a regular bases to make me a cup of tea and we are able to discuss our work and still get plenty of good advice and stories from him.

Ken and I built some lovely big two storey houses along the coastline, single houses, units, garages all size house extensions, different little jobs removing walls or internal renovations. We have such great big blocks in the area close distance to the beach so why not make the most of it.

I was able to bring my knowledge of the building industry to get Redback Building registered and up and started in February 2012. We also have a long list of building work, the hard work that is so much more involved than building a new project home but that topic is for another article or blog.